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Moroccan poufs are typically Moroccan furniture items, handcrafted by artisans in the city of Marrakesh using genuine leather. These poufs are made from high-quality leather and are made to last with every detail gone over by hand.

Moroccan Pouf must be in every home, can add an oriental touch to your living space and this leather puff will bring joy and beauty to your home. This Moroccan leather pouf can really add a wonderful touch to your house. It's more than just a leather pouf, By this Moroccan pouf leather, your space will be graced with pouf ottomans, The Piece that will strike up intrigued conversation and admiration.

❇️ Our ottoman pouf are made of the best quality sheep skin leather and are ❇️

• 100% handmade.
• Hand sewing.
• No chemical substance.
• Metal zipper down.
• Round shape.
• Multipurpose seats, footrest, ottoman, coffee table ...
• Easy cleaning with a slightly damp cloth.
• Easy stuffing

❇️ Size: Approximately 51 cm x 36 cm ❇️

Our leather poufs are sold without the filling to ensure the lowest possible delivery prices anywhere in the world but they are very easy to fill as they have a zipper along the bottom, it can be filled with almost anything you have in your hands:

You can use polyester mousse (pillow filling), and Ikea pillows are a great option. (We love to use these inexpensive pillow inserts which are filled with duck feathers, they will make your pouf plump and sturdy.) You can also go through your closet to find unused textiles like old jeans, old towels and old clothing you’re no longer wearing. Filling your pouf with old clothing will make it heavier, it’s a great option especially if you plan to sit on it. Polyester mousse will fill it up nicely but it won’t make it hard enough to sit on.

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