Genuine Leather Hand Woven Cuboid Shaped Ladies TOTE Bag, Open Rattan Woven Triple Jump Bamboo Ladies Hobo Holiday Bag, Weekend Basket Bag

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Finely crafted Hand Woven Italy Genuine Leather Bag that offers unique and attractive look. Bamboo styled leather strips are woven together and its antique and uneven colouring appears to be a woody and natural shade & tone. The leather is naturally tanned with vegetable barks and nuts, thus eco friendly and also dyed to rich shade in various colours. The bag gets more shinier and glossy as you keep using it.

► Product Details

The bag is beautiful, simple and very practical to use. We designed the bag to be suitable for all ages.

Handmade woven leather bag in Real Genuine leather, very practical to use. Lots of Space and a Unique fresh design, very versatile.

This bag ages beautifully, the more time passes, the more beautiful the leather becomes.

The Leather bag can take you from work, study or play.

► Colours
** 5 Colours available: Tan, Dark Brown, Coffee, White, Nature

► External Dimensions (Two Sizes):

****Large Size:
Width(top): 37cm
Width(bottom): 19cm
Height: 28cm
Depth: 18cm
Handle: 24cm
Carrying Method: Handbag, Shoulder Bag

****Small Size:
Width(top): 35cm
Width(bottom): 18cm
Height: 22cm
Depth: 16cm
Handle: 16cm
Carrying Method: Handbag

** Comes with an internal Cotton Drawstring Bag

This bag is very durable and especially resistant to the use and the passage of time. We use Real Genuine. You can use your bag everyday and it will retain its shape and texture for a long long time! 
This leather bag does not need maintenance and we apply a hydrophobic treatment that repels moisture. We adapt our designs according to the characteristics of each leather, so that each model is unique and special.

This bag is perfect as your everyday bag, which can fit IPAD, A4 files, books, magazines, cosmetic bag as well as many accessories.


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